Antique Co-op proudly offers the following selection of wall pockets for your shopping pleasure. The selection will be added to, and updated frequently. Please return often to view our updated inventory. Click on the image of choice for a larger view.





rh_wp_sh_wheat2.JPG (12967 bytes) $30.00 FT-3001 Shawnee Embossed Wheat - 4 3/4" tall No Mark
rh_wp_morton_green.JPG (13584 bytes) $15.00 FT-3002 Morton Pottery Peacock, Green USA
rh_wp_morton_pink.JPG (15286 bytes) $15.00 FT-3003 Morton Pottery Peacock, Pink USA
rh_wp_morton_white.JPG (11494 bytes) $15.00 FT-3004 Morton Pottery Peacock, White USA
rh_wp_wallphone.JPG (18343 bytes) $45.00 FT-3006 Wall Phone - 8 1/2" Tall No Mark
rh_wp_mort-scoop.JPG (17859 bytes) $40.00 FT-3007 Scoops by Morton - Pair (2) No Mark
rh_wp_mort-birds.JPG (12473 bytes) $35.00 FT-3008 Parrots by Morton - Pair (2) No Mark
rh_wp_colonial_lady.JPG (16069 bytes) $45.00 FT-3009 Featured in 1934 Sears and Roebuck Japan
rh_wp_hull.JPG (15451 bytes) SOLD FT-3005 Hull Flying Goose Hull USA
rh_wp_cp-grapes.JPG (15170 bytes) SOLD FT-3008
California Pottery
Purple Grapes With Green Leaves
No Mark
rh_wp_nm-grapes.JPG (27371 bytes) SOLD FT-3010 Grapes W/Leaves - 7" No Mark
rh_wp_walker.JPG (19330 bytes) SOLD FT-3011 Grapes W/Leaves - 6 1/2" Walker 871