Unlimited Internet Access with FlashNet

Antique Co-op is proud to make available the following Internet services to help you make the most of the World Wide Web. We offer Unlimited Access Internet connection with the largest privately held Internet Service Provider in the country, FlashNet. FlashNet offers one of the most competitive Internet connection packages available for as little as $13.12 per month. All FlashNet packages come complete with Unlimited Access Internet connection, POP3 mailbox(s), and free Home Page. We also offer an opportunity to earn additional income by becoming an Independent FlashNet Representative. To learn more about the FlashNet connection service and/or FlashNet Opportunity click on our FlashNet button.

Sell Your Merchandise on The Internet

Antique Co-op also offers the opportunity sell your merchandise on the Internet. With the world wide audience on the Web, we have successfully completed transactions both domestic and international. With our established clientele, our merchandise is viewed by more than 1,000 unique buyers daily. Your merchandise is offered for sale via on-line auctions or our web site. Every detail of the sales transaction is handled by Antique Co-op, to include Internet presence, payment collection, and shipping. We invite you to discuss your Internet sales needs.

Antique Co-op also offers Internet Image Hosting. We can host your images for on-line auctions, web sites, etc. Email for additional information regarding image hosting.

Key Benefits

bulletInternet Sales - Selling Your Merchandise an the Internet
bulletFlashNet Internet Connection - Unlimited Access
bulletFlashNet Opportunity - Extra Income

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