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Offered is a fabulous circa 1900 American Oak sideboard. This unbelievable piece of early American furniture is heavily carved, and made of solid quarter-sawn oak. There is no veneer or substitute woods used on this piece, it is 100% hardwood oak including shelves and drawers. The sideboard measures a large 69" tall, 72 1/2" wide, and 24 3/4" deep. The sideboard is two piece construction, with the top section measuring 30" tall. The upper section has a 4" carved band around the top, a 19 1/2" x 55 1/2" beveled mirror which has a 3/4" bevel on all four sides, all supported by two beautiful hand carved winged griffins. The griffins measure a very large 15" tall, 12" front to wing tip, and 5" wide. The cabinet base features 3 drawers at the top, four 16" doors in the center, and a large 7" bottom drawer. All drawer pulls are hand carved oak, the upper center drawer and bottom drawer feature a hand carved North Wind. The two center drawers each have two carved griffin heads. As seen in the photos, the cabinet rests on huge 5" hand carved claw feet. Again, the entire construction of this item is beautiful cuts of solid quarter-sawn oak, finished in classic oak color. The top of the sideboard is a solid oak board, for displaying large heavy objects. The sideboard is on large heavy casters, making moving easy. We estimate the sideboard to weigh approximately 400-450 pounds. The only flaw on the entire sideboard is a small chip in the upper left corner of the top shelf, hardly noticeable because the winged griffins and carving capture the eye.

We have provided detail close-ups, click on a thumbnail photo for a larger image.

gw_sideboard_02.JPG (38448 bytes) End view of cabinet base.
gw_sideboard_03.JPG (35027 bytes) Close-up of Winged Griffin.
gw_sideboard_04.JPG (51601 bytes) Close-up of two center doors.
gw_sideboard_05.JPG (44189 bytes) Close-up of carving detail on upper center drawer.
gw_sideboard_06.JPG (34375 bytes) Close-up of carving detail on bottom drawer.
gw_sideboard_07.JPG (36861 bytes) Close-up of bottom drawer hand carved pulls.
gw_sideboard_08.JPG (37587 bytes) Close-up of 2 top drawer hand carved pulls.
gw_sideboard_09.JPG (45238 bytes) Close-up of 5" claw feet.

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