French Cabinet

Beautiful French Cabinet with pierce carved crest. Made of Walnut, decorated with hand painted scene.


Cabinet-a_01.JPG (22769 bytes)
bulletFrench Curio Cabinet.
65" Tall
29" wide
16" deep


Cabinet-a_02.JPG (39866 bytes) Open storage area and drawers in top section.
Cabinet-a_03.JPG (28103 bytes) Open storage area in lower section.
Cabinet-a_04.JPG (33405 bytes) Hand Painted scene on door on lower section.
Cabinet-a_05.JPG (20509 bytes) Birds-Eye Maple shelves and lining of enclosed compartment on bottom.
Cabinet-a_07.JPG (36989 bytes) Detail of Drawers.
Cabinet-a_08.JPG (39116 bytes) Hardware detail.
Cabinet-a_09.JPG (28505 bytes) View of both cabinets in stock.