French Cabinet
Art Nouveau Desk
Sunburst Bedroom
Stationary Rocker
Belter Curio
American Oak Sideboard
Wallace Nutting
Leopold Desk

Below is a listing of the antique furniture available on this site. We will be expanding the listing in the near future.

This page will feature antique furniture and trunks available at Antique Co-op. We will be updating this site frequently, please visit again to view our latest updates.


bullet Game Table from Booker T. Washington estate
bulletAmerican French Curio Cabinet
bulletArt Nouveau Library Desk
bulletSunburst Bedroom Set
bulletStationary Rocker
bulletBelter Curio or China Cabinet
bulletWallace Nutting Windsor Chair
bulletAmerican Oak Sideboard W/Winged Griffins
bulletLeopold Desk Roll-Top Desk