Mahogany Cabinet


Circa 1850 China Cabinet

This is a beautiful Crotch Mahogany china cabinet. There are glass panels on the ends of both the upper and lower section. The front of the cabinet and both sets of doors are serpentine shaped. The cabinet was crafted in the elegant Mallard or  Belter style. The floral carving (See photos below) and pure quality are indicative of Mallard craftsmanship.

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full-view.JPG (27754 bytes) Frontal View of Cabinet.
bottom.JPG (31589 bytes) Close-Up of lower section.
top.JPG (39703 bytes) Close-Up of upper section.
flame.JPG (28542 bytes) View of the top of the cabinet base.
corner.JPG (26412 bytes) Close-Up of the carving below the top of the cabinet base.
foot.JPG (31632 bytes) Close-Up of the carving on the lower corners and front legs.
door.JPG (30300 bytes) Close-Up of the horizontal dividers on the serpentine doors to the cabinet base.
fabric.JPG (26005 bytes) Close-Up of the tapestry fabric on the back panel of the cabinet.
crack.JPG (36054 bytes) Close-Up of age crack on the base cabinet top.
rear.JPG (20809 bytes) Close-Up of carved drape on the paneled rear of the cabinet base.

This beautiful cabinet is in wonderful condition with original finish. As previously mentioned, we believe the cabinet to be circa 1850. The rope band on the base top, style of floral carving, and detail to the back panel are indicative of high quality designer furniture. It has the look of Mallard or Belter era furniture.

The area between the upper and lower doors is a mirror, what is seen is a reflection of the wall and items behind the camera. The only flaws on this cabinet are the small crack seen on the edge of the base top, and the glass in the two lower doors has been replaced with plexi-glass. New glass for the lower doors can be formed by specialty glass companies, but we chose to leave the cabinet in "as found" condition.

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F.O.B.: Oklahoma City, OK